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FFS bag
FFS is the abbreviation for Film, Fill, and Seal. It is a new high-speed wrapping technology in Europeans and Americans. It is superior in material ingredients, environmental protection performance, advanced equipments, fast packaging, one-time molding, material saved, low cost, nice sealing and anti-moisture, pretty  printing, etc., which make FFS widely used in heavy duty packaging, such as food packaging, washing care packaging, etc. Most of packaging material are solid particles and powders. 10 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg 50 kg are conventional. 
It is one layer or multilayer composite extrusion. Colorful Printing (max 5 colors regularly), Embossing  and folder(M gusset) can meet different client’s requirement to enhance the role of value-added products. 
FFS Heavy duty film packaging character:
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